Sunday, June 21, 2020

Houston Downtown

We were coming back to Houston from Galveston after our photoshoot. It was a beautiful afternoon. The The sun, the clouds, and the sky were just perfect. The whole way, I just quietly talk to myself if I could stop the car and take one photo, just one. However that's not a very bright idea to stop the car on a 65mph high way while everybody is doing 75-80 mph. Finally when those skyscrapers are within my view, I could not help it anymore. I will have to take a photo. I gave her my iPhone, rolled down the passenger window, and ask if she could take some photos. She took like 5 of them but she did not have a view as good as my view from the driver seat. 4 did not turn out very well but 1 which is this photo just turned out incredibly well. 

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